Why CatFish Production Must Be Improved In Africa

Why Fish Production In Africa Must Be Improved

Nigeria has a high potential to fish farms in the two states. The computed elasticity of develop fish farming to absorb a substantial fraction of its production showed that the fish farmers were operating fish product deficit.
The country has an adequate national in Stage II of the production process, which is the rational infrastructure; there is a high demand for fish and its zone of production. It was also found that the farms sale price is favourable. What is needed is a more dynamic were enjoying increasing returns to scale.
The study approach to implement the available knowledge while went further to identify shortage of fingerlings, scarcity exploring ways to ameliorate the performance of the of feeds and inadequate training as the major problems industry. The contribution of the fisheries sector to the hindering the development of fish farms in the two states. national economy is largely positive.Significant progress
Nyambi compared the ability of fish farms to meet could occur in national fisheries development, which protein needs with that of leguminous crops in Nigeria. could result in the consolidation of small industrial Who stated that in a well managed fish farm, up to 3000 kg base, growing export receipts resulting to a positive of fish could be harvested annually on a sustainable yield trade balance.The major challenge for the fisheries sector basis per hectare, noting that this was six times more than is meeting the current levels of consumption. This would cow-pea and three times more than peanut for the same require significant efforts towards improving the unit area. While arguing that this did not suggest that fish management of fish production systems and supporting farms should replace crops, it did at least showed that the development of aquaculture.

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