Nigeria Food: Giant GrassCutter farm in Lagos!

(Nigeria Food – only on BattaBox) Grass cutter meat is one of the delicacies in Nigeria today, that means it’s very proteinous and tasty you can cook it in different ways, for suya,pepper soup or stew The suya is preferable when you wash and spice it and you are good to go Actually it’s a passion! we have so much interest in farming activities So we embarked on snail and grass cutter farming Basically one needs to know what grass cutter farming is all about by learning about it from an existing farm you learn about the methodology and the species one should use, feeding, caring, management e.t.c we normally do so for people that come for training from every part of the country No, they are friendly animals, once you understand them,they won’t injure you we have up to 100 families, a family is 1 male and 4 females so there are up to 500 grass cutters they reproduce to multiply them we need to get a family( 1 male 4 females) when the female is 6 months and the male is 7 months you can cross them once you cross them the male would start running after the females to mate them once he mates them, they get pregnant and in 5 months they deliver They reproduce from 5 upwards, in this farm we have recorded 8,9, and 10 before but surely from 5 upwards they can grow big and weigh up to 9kg or 10kg Hotels, eateries, restaurants, clubhouses, farmers and other rich people Its a very profitable venture because most of the items for the feeds are local materials grasses, maize (which we get locally) And there is a high demand for them.

One costs N9000 about 70 percent of them feed on grasses we also feed them with some other ingredients in the afternoon,which we call “supplementary feed” it includes maize and some other things there is not much challenges because the feeding is local and the animals can be sourced locally the demand is also local they don’t require electricity or fueling, so there is not much challenge you just need to have adequate knowledge to embark on it otherwise you would just waste your capital if you don’t know anything about it so you need to learn some things for instance, 2 males should not be kept together,once they are kept together, they will fight,when they fight they fight to death so a novice that’s coming into the business who doesn’t know would just go ahead and buy grass cutter and pack them together you can discover that the next day that they fought. (Nigeria Food – only on BattaBox)