You do not need N500,000 to start your fish farming business. You can start small by constructing a Vat for fingerling production. Four Vats of about 11ft by 3ft is enough to start you business. You can even have just two. For instance, I started with just one Vat. I will not advise you to start with one vat because you will need another vat for the sorted fish. Grow your business from using 2-3 vats and you can then expand.
fish pond 8
Signs that your fish are in trouble.
 Slow swimming.
 Floating at the surface of water, gasping for air.
When you notice this, change you water first and then watch them for that day. Sometimes, it’s as a result of low oxygen in the water. Ensure you seek professional assistance from time to time.
Very Important.
 Fish requires a PH of 6.5 – 7.5. Although they will still survive in a PH of 6 – 8
 Test your water and ensure it is okay for the survival of your fish.
 Handle your fish with care.
 Water, Feed, and Management, when all these are in their proper state, you will have very little or no problem in fish farming.
How to make your customers come back again.
Your customers will always come back if you supply them with a good, healthy fish. This is why you can’t afford to buy you Broodstocks or Fries anywhere.
You will notice I only discussed about Earthen ponds, Vat, and Concrete tanks, this is because those culture systems are used by 75% of Nigerian farmers while that of the Cage and Pen are used by the other farmers.
If after reading this e-book, you do not take any step, then you have only wasted your time on this book. You can start by getting funds, visiting farms around you to see how they run things, just start somewhere. You may be discouraged at the initial stage, but my advice for you is don’t be discouraged because I was never discouraged by what people said to me and all the loss I went through. And now, am enjoying myself and people are now happy with my decisions.