How To Care For Pigs – Essential Tips To Remember

How To Care For Pigs – Essential Tips To Remember

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There are different breeds of a pig but they basically have the same physiology and anatomy.  Pigs aren’t really high maintenance animals so it’s easy how to care for pigs.  Whether you’re keeping a pot-bellied pig as a pet or you’re running a pig farm, their healthy must be your number one priority.  Like all animals, providing adequate living quarters, the proper nutrition, sanitation and health care is how to care for pigs.


When building a house for your pig, remember that pigs are sensitive to heat and cold.  On very hot days, they need a place to cool off.  This is because unlike humans, pigs don’t have sweat glands and can’t regulate body heat on their own so you need to take proper steps how to take care for pigs during hot and cold days.

Build them a pool so they can cool their body; the depth of your pool must be at enough for the water to cover your pig.  To make them comfortable during colder days, give their shelter enough bedding made of straw or hay; at least 16 inches high is enough.

It is also a good idea to have a vet check your pigs every now and then.  If you keep pigs as a pet, you can just take them to the nearest clinic.  However, if you own a pig farm it would be better to get a specialized vet to make a house call so all your pigs can be checked out.  Pigs have an impressive vitality and won’t get sick easily, but you should watch out for swine diseases.  Vets will also give you some advice on how to care for pigs.

If you’re keeping pigs as a pet, you should have them neutered as early as possible.  Sexually ready males can be aggressive and rowdy.  At about five weeks old male pigs become fertile so it would be better if you have them neutered before then.

Females, on the other hand, should be sprayed at about 4 months old.  At 10 months old, the risk of cancer is very high for unsprayed females.  Spraying female pigs to make their lives longer is how to care for pigs.

You also need to protect your pigs from predators.  It may seem unlikely but dogs can see pigs as prey.  If you have a pet pig, keep them away from your neighbour dogs as much as possible.  On the farm, pigs are safe when mixed with cows and goats but keep them away from horses.  Your pigs may startle the horses when they’re grazing which could result in the horse killing the pig.

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