Fish Farming Tips

This post is written for you all who want to go into fish farming. I noticed a lot of people want to go into fish farming but don’t really know what it takes to start the business.

Have you always thought about starting your own fish farm but you are not so sure about how it works, what to do and how to start. Here is a guide to help you start your own fish farming business.
Things You Need To Start Your Fish Farming Business.
Knowledge is key in fish farming and without which you may end up loosing your money at the end of the day.
You need to know the following:
a. How to hatch if you are interested in hatching yourself.
b. Raising from fries to fingerlings or grow out
c. Managements practices
d. Culture Systems
e. Feeding e.t.c
You need capital for the following:
a. Purchase of Land
b. Construction of Concrete Tanks, Earthen Ponds or Vats
c. Farm Materials e.g PH Meter, Nets e.t.c
d. Feed e.t.c
You can either start big or small. Staring big means you want buy a land, construct large concrete tanks and then go into grow-out production. Starting small means you want to use the available space in you compound, construct vats or small concrete tanks and then go into fingerlings production. Starting big or small depends on your present capital.
Your Knowledge of fish farming and Capital works together. If you have the capital without the knowledge, your capital may not be too useful. If also have the knowledge without the capital, then your knowledge may not also be too useful so the too factors work hand in hand. Click here to discover
Fish can be raised in CONCRETE TANKS, EARTHEN PONDS, VATS, PVC E.T.C All these culture systems have their own management practices and its very important to note that your choice of production ( fingerlings production or grow-out production) will determine the type culture system to use.
If you are really serous about catfish farming business and need comprehensive guide, free video to help start fast CLICK HERE