Secrets To Catfish Farming In Nigeria And How Real Millions Is Made, Doing It The Right Way.


If you think that putting fish in the water alone and feeding them is the only way you can make money in the catfish farming industry then you are very wrong.

 Catfish farming is a very lucrative business especially in Nigeria where the environment is conducive for breeding fish. A lot of people will tell you how difficult it is to start and run catfish farm in Nigeria. I know of a man who had spent over 30 years of his life running a catfish farm but was not making any good money from it. 


When he tried all he could and there was no progress, he decided to quit. So, his new “ministry” was to discourage anyone who wants to go into the business. The truth is, for you to succeed in catfish farming just as it is with any other business you must acquire the right knowledge and also apply the right marketing strategy to become successful.


The cost for running catfish is very low when compared to other animals.

    The ban on importation of frozen fish by the federal government on December 2013 encourages local producers to produce more. Now the fact is that the demand for fish cannot be met by these local producers, so there is presently a market hole ready to be explored by smart business people.

 Fish grows rapidly, hence, you can harvest and start selling within a short period.

 6 Reasons Why You need to Start Catfish Farming.

  • With over 160 million people in Nigeria, there will always be a huge demand for catfish. There’s already a hungry market for catfish.

  • Fish is one of the best sources of protein and a perfect replacement for meat. In fact, there’s no meal served in Nigeria without fish or meat. Many nutritionists and dieticians recommend fish over meat.

  • Fish sells quicker than other animal products because it is cheaper than meat.

  • There is fund set aside every year by the Central Bank of Nigeria and other commercial banks in Nigeria to encourage and support farmers.




You Are In The Right Spot

Catfish farming can be a money making machine for you and your family.The truth is you can become Millionaire with this business in no time.

Big Mistakes Starter Does

The truth is most starters lose alot of money knowing fully well they need first time knowledge to kick start fish farming goldmine.  If you follow mine stractegies and tricks you we start making big fat money from this business. Like my students are currently doing.

Markets for Your Product

I have continue getting response from beggineer saying. Even if they starts how do they get buyers for their fish business. Do you know the demand for catfish is massive ... The hotels will continues disturbing for your fish... that I can guarantee you.... This is just one out of numerous sources.

 Challenges of starting a Fish Farming business In Nigeria

Fish farming is a completely lucrative business and a profit maker all year round. The purpose for its profitability can be attributed to the fact that it's a food and people will always eat. In fact, demand for fish can never be met due to the massive population we have especially here in Nigeria. 

However, there are challenges industrial fish farming marketers face international and these demanding situations also are unique to all branches of fish farming like Tilapia fish farming, Catfish farming, and so forth. So regardless of whether or not you are in Ghana, India, Pakistan, Canada, United States, South Africa, and so forth; you'll definitely discover this information useful.


Why Starter Fail In This Catfish Farming Business Messilessly 

  •  Fish farming is capital extensive.
  •  It is labor intensive
  •  Cannibalism and excessive mortality rate of fingerlings
  • Lack of suitable farm site
  • Lack of technical experience
  • Lack of marketplace orientation
  • Lack of knowledge
  •  Pest and predators
  • Lack of right planning and design

I will like To Touch On Those Issue Above But For The Sake Of Writting Space Here I Will Only Take On 4 Of Them


Lack of marketplace orientation:   there is a ready marketplace for fish each domestically and the world over. However, most fish farmers have the habit of seeking out customers to buy their fish while the fish are matured for the market. Now this negative orientation and lateness in scouting for customers makes the marketing of fish difficult. The fish will stop growing if the pond they are in has reached its maximum capacity. SO, it is advisable to start looking for customers before the fish mature for sale.

Lack of suitable farm site: Inability to get an appropriate location for fish farming is a big challenge to establishing a successful catfish farm.


Lack of right planning and design: If a pond is not built properly, it may lead to leakage and incur a huge expense, which as a result reduce your profit.

Lack of technical experience: In order to succeed in any business, in this case catfish farming business, one must know the technical process of the business. If you can’t patiently learn it, then you should hire people who know it. This will increase your expenses, which may not be good for a business you’re just starting.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Testimony 1

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John Agu | Enugu

Testimony 2

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Kingsley- Lagos

How To Calculate Your Fish Pond Stocking Rate

fish pond 1
How Many Fish Will My Pond Contain?     
Calculate total volume of your pond , in this case your is 12feet by 4.5 feet  and assuming a 4ft depth/height. The volume of your ponds shall be 12ft X 4.5 X 4ft =216ft3 ,You have to convert this  cubic foot (ft3 )to cubic meter (m3) . This is by multiplying your answer by 0.03. Therefore total volume of water in your tank is 6.1128 cubic meter.
AND 1 CUBIC METER IS EQUIVALENT TO 1000 Liters of water.Depending on the stocking rate you want to adopt for instance 80 fishes per cubic meter would mean that you can stock 80 X 6.11 = 488 fishes .You can stock lower than 80fishes per cubic meter , this depends on the availability of enough water. However,you should stock your pond below the figure above because you are not going to fill the tank  100%capacity. Alternatively, 100 fish per square meter of your pond so if you have a pond of 100square meter just multiply by 100.80x10m3= 800fishes10by10ft@N75,000; 13by13ft@N83,000; 15by15ft; 18by18ft N140,000
1ft= 30.5cm
1ft= 0.3m
1m=  3.3ft
1litre= 1000cm3
1m3= 1,000litres= 35.5ft3= 220 Gallons (UK)= 264 Gallons (US)

Polygon Mobile Fish Pond is imported, modified,fortified, improved and guaranteed. There is no need for concrete ponds  and block ponds if you pond 2 fish pond 8

Size: 15 x 15

Content:   1,500 - 2000 table size  fishes

 Things You Need To Get Started With Catfish Farming In Nigeria       


  • The proper attitude:  In life, your attitude towards a thing always makes a difference between success and failure. To become successful in catfish farming, you must approach it with the right mindset. Don’t expect to start making millions immediately. You must be ready for the challenges that comes with business, in this case, a catfish farm business. ·       
  • The simple know-how:- No matter the amount of capital you have to invest in a business, if you don’t have a simple knowledge about it, you’re heading to utter failure. Never invest any money into catfish farming without taking the time to learn the strategies used in running a successful catfish farm. In order to get this knowledge, you need to partner with an experienced catfish farmer and also attend seminars and workshops pertaining to catfish farming.    


  • Conduct A feasibility study:-  A feasibility study will help you to identify things like, the strength, challenges and opportunities existing in the catfish industry. And also, the cost of setting up a catfish farm, best site to use and best place to get fingerlings. ·       

A well Written marketing strategy:-  Writing a business plan will help you to prepare and carry out your growth strategy, raise capital, secure a loan from the bank and also gives you access to various funds and support line established by the government to support farmers.      

  • You need a Good land  A good land for fish farming should be accessible by road, have a clean place for the farm house ponds and a good drainage system.               
  •                                                                                ·      
  •  Reliable Water supply The truth is, no water, no fish. You can’t successfully run a catfish farm if there is no reliable source of water supply near your location. You must ensure that there is a constant water supply because the fish cannot do without water. Overhead tanks must be mounted or a borehole system would be perfect.
  • Pond construction: You can choose a plastic tank to minimize cost or you build a concrete pond. Without a well built pond, your business may fail in no time. So, don’t try to fix it yourself. Get the service of an experienced fish pond builder.

 How to start a successful Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria

   1. Know your marketplace   ·    

..What are their desires?
..What are their fears?
..What makes them happy?
..What’s your market demand?

It is your obligation to discover and answer those questions. You need these information to succeed! If you can offer solution to them, you won’t have any problem. You need to tailor your production to fulfill your market requirements.

2. Begin small and grow big

I guess you’ve heard that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. Don’t imitate Mr Emeka that started with 5 million naira. You can start with the little that you have and still succeed. All that matters is that you are growing. Don’t be in a haste to “make it”.

3.  Get an experienced and successful mentor in the catfish farming business. This will help you avoid some mistakes.

 4. Take charge of your business growth and operation

 5. Undertake suitable production technology

 6.      Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You won’t know what works until you try.

 7.      Treat your customers with utmost care. They are the life blood of your business. Without them, there’s no business. Sometimes, be willing to incur a loss just to please them. Keep your promise to them.

 8.       Have the proper knowledge of the fingerlings: You can buy the fingerlings from the market or you produce you own fertilized eggs through the homoplastic gland suspension.

 9.  Good Feeding methods: You have to make sure your feeds incorporate vital nutrients like lhysine, arginine and methionine. The exceptional form of meal to go for is fishmeal; however because of its high cost, it's not recommended to use (that is if you are simply starting out on a low finances); alternatively, you may use different conventional means including Soya bean cake, groundnut cake or plant residue (these traditional ingredients also meet the nutrient necessities of catfish).

 While feeding your catfish; it's far recommended to do it on a specific section of the pond instead of just spraying it throughout the water surface (this helps to reduce the wastage of feed). In conclusion, catfish farming business is a very lucrative business to start in Nigeria. You can never produce enough catfish that will meet the demand in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are making it big with catfish farming. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste that small piece of land you have at your backyard to dump refuse.

Remember that your investment is at stake, trial and error is not good in business except you have unlimited funds to experiment with. 

With that been said


PRICE :   #5,000


  • Catfish culture system design construction and management...
  • Catfish feed, feeding practices and production...
  • Catfish fingerling production...
  • Catfish disease control/prevention...
  • Catfish Production management...
  • Fish Farm Records
  • Finance and Marketing Catfish in Nigeria
  • Staff Management In Fish Farming Business
  • Water Quality In Aquaculture
Commercial Fish Production
Sustainable aquaculture production
Why some fish farmers fail
Sitting the farm
Five ways to make money from catfish farming in Nigeria
Types of pond
Advantages of Concrete Ponds
Difference between concrete pond and earthen pond
Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS)/ Advantages of RAS
Which Pond is better; a Rubber Liner Pond, or a Concrete Pond?
Deciding whether to lime a pond
Choosing liming materials
Timing and application of liming materials
When to use lime to condition your ponds 
Choosing Your Male & Female Brood Stock
Injecting the Female Fish
Getting the Male Sperm
Stripping the Female Fish
Mixing Sperm with Eggs & Spreading Inside the Vat
Feeding the Fries
Daily schedules of works in trough rearing of fries
Sorting: A Necessary Factor
Operational cost for fingerlings production
Diseases of fingerlings
Transportation of fish

This Manual Is Not Only For Beginners But For Expirenced Fish Farmers Too Who Need More Knowledge 

Water quality/quantity
Stocking Good quality fingerling/juvenile
Feeds, feeding and feed milling
Feed formulation and processing
Feed formulation table from 2month old fish and above
An example are as shown below (this is a proven formula) for a tone (1000kg)
Culturing tilapia for feeding your fish
Handling, sampling and harvesting
Catfish health
Practical preventive measures
Predators and their Control
Running a fish farm as a business
Operational cost for stocking 3,000 catfish
Frequently asked question and answers
Fish Feed Dealers in Nigeria
Cost of Materials 
Labour cost
Cost of Plumbing work

Promo Price For Every Thing Is : #5,000

For just N5,000 (Five thousand Naira), you will get ebooks (with pictorial illustrations) on different areas of fish farming in Nigeria with a bonus vidoes on production of fingerlings. The 60 minutes video is an intensive and comprehensive tutorial for any farmer who wants to produce fingerlings by himself. This is a very good source of revenue through fingerlings sale or reduced overall cost of production.


  1. Explore the wealth in catfish farming with this unbeatable offer!
  2. Also included a feasibility reports in some cases to guide to financial and management requirement of the ventures.
  1. I have provided as much details as can be considered required to start-up a catfish farming business.


How Do I get This Life Transforming Guide ?

Steps to get it -----  Visit the any Gtbank or Firstbank branch and make payment of N5,000

Option 1         

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Account Name : Henry Albert Opute
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Option 2

Mobile Transfer , Online Transfer , ATM Transfer

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Loan Without Colleteral In Nigeria


BONUS   2 :

Standard Catfish Business Plan With 3 years financial analysis

Bonus:- Catfish Business Plan Table Of Content.

1.0 Executive Summary 5

1.1 Objectives 6

1.2 Mission 6

1.3 Keys to Success 7

2.0 Company Summary 7

2.1 Company Ownership 7

2.2 Location and facilities 7

2.3 Start-up Summary 8

         Table: Start-up Funding 8

3.0 Products 9

3.1 Competitive Comparison 9

3.2 Future Products 9

4.0 Market Analysis Summary 9

4.1 Target Market Segment Strategy 10

4.2 Market Segmentation 10

4.3 Industry Analysis 11

4.3.1 Barriers to Entry 11

4.3.2 Competition and Buying Patterns 11

4.3.3 Main Competitors 11

4.4 SWOT Analysis 12

4.4.1 Strengths 12

4.4.2 Weaknesses 12

4.4.3 Opportunities 12

4.4.4 Threats 12

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary 13

5.1 Value Proposition 13

5.2 Competitive Edge 13

5.3 Marketing Strategy 13

5.4 Sales Strategy 13

5.4.1 Sales Forecast 14

   Table: Sales Forecast 14

6.0 Management Summary 15

6.1 Organizational Structure 15

6.2 Management Team 15

6.3 Personnel Plan 16

7.0 Financial Plan 16

7.1 Breakeven Analysis 16

7.2 Projected Profit and Loss 17

Projected Cash flow Startment – Year two 19

Projected Cashflow Statement - Year Three 20

7.4 Projected Balance Sheet 21

Promo Price For Every Thing Is : #5,000

What you will get after payment

1) Catfish Guide and Management Secrets

2) You will get Business Plan For Catfish with 3years Anaylsis

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To your Success
Name : Albert
Phone : 08058499904

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