With fingerling production, you do not need months to raise your fish. You can start selling your fish at 6 weeks old depending on their growth rate. Sales of fingerling should not be more than 6 – 8 weeks.
Step 1.
Get your culture systems ready ( A CONCRETE TANK OR A VAT). I have explained that of the concrete tank earlier. The Vat is usually constructed with planks and a carpet or tapeline laid on the wall and the floor of the wood after constructing it. Also with a vat, you do not stock your fish immediately. Fill with water and leave it for at least one week before stocking. Do not construct you Vat where direct sunlight reaches.
Step 2.
Buy your fries and transfer them to you farm. Ensure you transfer them early in the morning. And when you get to your farm, do not pour them into the water just like that. Lower you container close to the water and then pour gently. Do not feed immediately. Feed several hours later. Management is still the same as mentioned above.
As you manage and feed you fish daily, you will notice that some of the fish are growing bigger than the rest. At this point, remove the bigger once and take them to another vat. If you leave them there, they will eat up the smaller once. This is called SORTING. Sometimes, you will have bring out all the fish and sort them, leaving fish of the same size in a Vat.
Step 3.
Start marketing your fish before they are ready for sale.