Broiler Vs Layer – Which Is More Profitable?

Comparing Broiler Production With Layer Farming

Differences between broiler and layers farming – Which is more lucrative?
Both broiler chicken farming and layer birds production are are lucrative poultry farming ventures. However, they both deal with life so a single mistake is enough to wipe your entire flock.

Before choosing to book for either broiler or pullets DOCs, you should evaluate other factors apart from the evident cost implications. Although they need a shorter vaccination regimen, broilers responds negatively faster to less resistance to withstand shabby management practices. Demand for chicken meat is comparatively steadier, glut is rarely experienced.

There is more profit on Layers production in the long run as you can realize up to N7/bird daily as net returns at full production. Market for eggs is easier to find than for chicken meat if you don’t have a frozen food outlet. Cost of labour, medication and feeding is a major factor to compare. Within 7-8wks you would have finished a cycle of broiler production but you need to be financially stable to feed layers up to 18-20wks before you realise and a few more weeks before sales of egg is able to take care of their feeding.

For broiler, it is more cost effective to rear them on deep litter but layers need cages to restrict their movement for more conversion, to preserve egg in good condition, to eliminate health risks and to be able to manage litter easily considering the fact that they would be on the farm for many months.

All in all, before choosing between broilers and layers as an investment choice in poultry production, you should assess:

1. Level of know-how
2. Plans for expansion
3. Amount of financial and human resources at your disposal
4. Available market

broiler or layer

I’ll be writing more on this topic soon, comparing feeding, management and profitability of these two agribusinesses.This will assist those who want to know which is more lucrative between broiler production and raising layers birds.
Broiler Or Layers? – Make the best investment choice in poultry farming business.




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